Ash Labs' Services

We are proud in providing our services to our clients. Our focus is hardware in the first place. 'Everything hardware' is where our passion of electronics comes from. That said, we also have a decent experience in embedded software design. Ranging from small to big embedded projects. We believe that the focus on embedded software enables hardware to be even better. 


For us, the design incorporates the ideation phase, the development phase, the prototyping phase and the testing phase. In each of these steps, there are decisions to be made and bad design choices can lead to problems in later phases. In trying to reduce these problems, we use our technical knowledge to steer away from known issues, come up with perfect-fit solutions and all this with the Bill Of Materials cost in mind. 

Choosing Ash Labs as your design partner will give you support in all of these phases. We can assist in sections of the design phase, but can also pull a whole design cycle for you. 

We mostly use STM32 type microcontrollers for our design work. Using this family gives us the ease of use regarding software eco systems. Intimate knowledge of these chips is therefor present.


Designing something can be great, but if you can’t get it into a physical product it has no use. Honing your product is best done by iterating through some prototypes. Where you have a combination in hardware and software features untill you have the unique feature set that makes your product a perfect fit for your customers.

Our setup allows us to go from design to prototyping in a very short turn around. Since we do the design, we use the components that we have in stock and/or are in our system.
Having a place where hardware, software and prototyping are concentrated speeds up the total design process. Knowing how the software ticks while debugging hardware issues is an advantage that is not meant to be underestimated.

Using our in-house machines we handle low volume prototyping services. With machine precision placement of components and QA by an engineer we can assure you that the prototypes will be top notch.


Sometimes you want to get a specification ready, get some help on your test system, debug a certain hardware issue. The consultancy section is there to help you out with these kind of problems.

Giving support, having someone you can go to with your challenges and get the job done. We offer this service for our clients, having your goals as our targets.