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A hardware design, prototyping and
manufacturing company.

Ash Labs' main focus is on developing custom hard- and software in a fast turn around time.
Because we can offer the combination of hardware PCB design, firmware development and prototyping.
Having your prototypes built by the engineers that designed your board is a real asset having result without any excess overhead!


Hardware design is one of the key values at Ash Labs. We mostly handle custom design work. To speed up certain designs, we can also start from our existing products.


Having the ability to do the design and production of small prototyping series allows us to provide fast prototype turn around times. Going from concept to a physical prototype in a fast turn-around will give you the edge in development.


We manufacture the products we design. In 1000+ volume pieces, we can aid with the full blown production. Our fully automated SMT line is capable of double-sided assemblies.

Prototyping as a key innovation driver

We believe that fast prototyping is the key tool for tantalising and establishing product idea’s. Fast prototyping allows for fast iterations in the ideation phase, thus enabling the incorporation of user feedback. We are committed to designing and realising your idea to the T.

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